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Ham-Let's instrumentation products excel in reliability and performance, offering complete interchangeability with leading brand components, annual TUV certification and a comprehensive range of fittings, valves and hoses. With materials including stainless steel and exotic alloys, coupled with a thread rolling technique for durability, Ham-Let stands out as a top choice in the industry.
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Instrumentation Valves
Ultra Clean Diaphragm Valves
Instrumentation Valves

Our instrumentation components stand at the forefront of precision engineering and reliability. They are accurate and efficient solutions for fluid and gas control systems. Whether it's ensuring leak-tight connections or maintaining optimal performance under extreme conditions, our instrumentation components consistently demonstrate durability and effectiveness in facilitating seamless operations.

MBV Metering Ball Valves
PLV Plug Valves
QC-Lok Quick Connectors
TBV Trunnion Ball Valves
H1200 Toggle Valves
H1300 Toggle Valves
H1700 Heavy Duty Ball Valves
H6800 High Performance CNG Ball Valves
EF Fugitive Emissions Free Valves
H99 Screwed Bonnet Needle Valves
H300U Integral Bonnet Needle Valves
H400 Check Valves
H500 Three Piece Ball Valves
H600 T-Type Inline Filters
H700 Two Piece Ball Valves
H800 Compact One Piece and Cylindrical Ball Valves
H900HP High Pressure Relief Valves
H900 Relief Valves

We have an extensive array of connections crafted from diverse materials, featuring comprehensive temperature and pressure ratings. Renowned for our leak-resistant design, our connections are a fit for many applications across various industries, ensuring reliability and efficiency in diverse operational environments.

HTC Ultra-High Purity Component
Let-Lok Fittings
One-Lok Fittings
Pipe Line Precision Pipe Fittings
VEP Vent Protectors
Ultra Clean Diaphragm Valves

Ultra clean diaphragm valves are designed and manufactured to meet the highest levels of cleanliness. The diaphragm technology ensures a hermetic seal, preventing any cross-contamination and maintaining the purity of the controlled media. With ultra-smooth internal surfaces and minimal dead space, these valves excel in applications where maintaining ultra-clean conditions is critical.

H911 Excess Flow Valves
HRG Clean Gas Regulators

We provide a comprehensive selection of manifolds, spanning 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-way configurations. These manifold options are designed to align with the demands of the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Engineered to meet the diverse requirements of pressure, differential level and flow applications, our manifolds stand as a reliable solution for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility in critical operational settings.

HMH Media Header
Astava Ham-Let Manifolds

We specialize in the production of stainless-steel, PTFE, and rubber hose assemblies, crafted and tested to meet the stringent demands and regulations of diverse industries. Offering an ideal solution for applications involving vibrating or moving parts, high temperatures, aggressive media and challenging environments, our hoses are designed to excel under conditions of high pressure and full vacuum.


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Brennan Partners to Provide Advanced Instrumentation Solutions

Brennan Industries’ strategic alliance with Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. (UCT) is not just a game-changer; it's a revolution in instrumentation solutions. UCT has been a global leader since 1950, specializing in valves and fittings for high-pressure, high-temperature and vacuum applications. This partnership is your gateway to unmatched precision and reliability in instrumentation.

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