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Pressure Test Kit Giveaway









Triple Gauge Kit
Since it's the season of giving, we want to give one winner a free Pressure Test Kit! These kits are preassembled with the most essential components that are required for hydraulic system pressure checking.


What's Inside?

  • (2) 60-inch Hose Assembly
  • (3) Direct Gauge Adapter
  • (2) Union
  • (1) 15" Hg-0-30 PSI Gauge
  • (1) 7500 PSI Gauge
  • (1) 1000 PSI Gauge
  • (2) 1/8 NPT Pressure Test Coupling
  • (2) 1/4 NPT Pressure Test Coupling
  • (1) 7/16 UNF Pressure Test Coupling
  • (1) 9/16 UNG Pressure Test Coupling

These kits can also be purchased here.

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